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    With the development of information technology and the continuous improvement of management level, production information management system has become an important tool of manufacturing enterprises. It is essential for mastering the production link, production speed, quality and work performance of production workers.

    As we all know, the barcode and barcode scanner is the major means of production information management system to collect information. It is applied to the rapid automatic data collection in the process of production and timely processing of real-time events. At the same time, it maintains data communication with the planning layer (ERP/MRP) in the real time. 

    Barcode solution for production management can effectively solve the problems of manufacturing enterprises in operation management on production site, make it easier for enterprises to manage production data, and realize effective management of production control, product quality traceability, and follow-up inventory and sales tracking.


    Production Management and Products Anti-counterfeit

    1, keeping track of the source of every components with its unique barcode.

    2, Timely data collection smooths the real-time production progress and allocation of materials.

    3, Provide accurate information for materials procurement.

    4, Scanning barcode for piecework and products processing and assembly, avoid miss related processing step and forget assemble some components, lead to increase product defective rate.

    5, Many companies print or engrave an unique barcode on their products for anti-counterfeit, such as, we often find barcode on PCB motherboard, chip, CPU, auto parts, etc.


    Production Assets Management

    1, Label all fixed assets and production assets in the warehouse and factory with barcode tags.

    2, Scanning its barcode to register its position, quantity and model information, and save relevant data into database.

    3, Inventory assets regularly, record barcode data if it is broken, or need maintaining.


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