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    Latest Retailing

    A new retail solution that integrates online and offline services becoming more and more popular with the rapid development of Internet and e-payment. Of course, it also depend on the modern logistics and efficient information management, to improve the operators and users working efficiency and accuracy, and providing customers more convenient, faster and safe service, the barcode already applied in the process of logistics, inventory and cash of retailing industries.


    Warehouse and Store Management

    We usually will facing following problems in this two areas, firstly, with the increasing workload on the staff, they frequently make errors as they manually record the products’ information when receiving, outbound and sales goods. Secondly, it is difficult to collecting information and updating the inventory and shelves due to the various of products. Thirdly, delayed replenishment of goods since they don’t know the actual inventory situation, and doesn’t make full use of goods shelves, what’s worse, the best-selling products often out of stock.

    Label goods with 1D/2D barcode tags, usually the manufactures already finished this work. Staffs scan the tags with barcode scanner in the process of goods in/out of warehouse and store to manage the inventory. 


    Selling and Cash

    1, The staff could get the relevant goods’ stock information via scanning it’s unique barcode.

    2, Providing price and products information for customers, if they scan the goods barcode with barcode scanner which already connect with PC or displayer to connect to database.

    3, Count goods and finish e-payment in the process of cash process.

    4, Barcode scanners are essential for unmanned supermarket and vending machines, the customers choose and counting goods via scanning barcode, and scanning barcode of e-payment to finish cash operation.


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