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    Smart Healthcare

    The healthcare industry develops rapidly, the efficiency and accuracy are vital for this industry. Naturally, barcode technologies become more and more important in healthcare industries. It applied in many processes, such as patient and drug management, specimen check and outpatient automation service, etc. 

    Scan relevant barcode information via handheld and portable barcode scanner, mobile computer, quickly and accurately complete bar code data collection and transmit it to different situations, such as hospital admission, clinical treatment, inspection, surgery, and emergency, realize closed-loop management of doctor's order execution and improve nursing safety.


    Patient and Drug Management

    Application Scenario

    Every patient has an unique barcode which printed on wristband, and also contains patient’s name and sickbed information. All medicines, detection reagent vessel and records will paste or print barcode of relevant patients. The nurses will double check the patients information via scanning barcode when they providing medicines and detection reagent vessel to the patient, this operation guarantee every patients get right therapy and avoid medical negligence.

    Besides, nurses could get patient detailed information from medical system via scanning barcode, such as patient’s illness, therapeutic schedule, drug allergy, etc. Improving work efficiency and accuracy.


    Medicine Supervision

    Application Scenario

    The medicine company register a barcode data for every pieces of medicine they produced, and pharmacies and medical companies will upload sales information to government medicine supervision system in the real time.


    Ensure the quality and safety of drugs effectively. Improve the quality and level of new drug research and development. Strengthen the management competitiveness of pharmaceutical enterprises. Standardize drug circulation market and ensure drug supply, and avoid drug abuse.


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